The battle between your ears: Mindboxing App

Ink it, don´t think it

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A mindboxer knows how insidious his or her own thoughts can be. Setbacks are usually magnified or foregrounded, while successes, small changes in the right direction are often erased. There is a simple but effective solution to this, when you confront yourself for 100 days.

In elite sports, we call this “Ink it, don’t think it. In other words, write down your thoughts, feelings and physical signals instead of storing them in your memory. When you read back your own daily notes in black and white, noting the energy levels of your three batteries of Body Power, Feeling Power and Thinking Power, you later turn off the mindguards. Obfuscating relevant information is now virtually out of the question.

We recommend you purchase the Three Batteries® app from NLsportpsychologist for €14.95 for this purpose. You will then receive a unique code per user from us. The app measures your energy level daily, by filling out a short questionnaire. With the daily score you need to make a daily note. The daily note is your interpretation of the battery score on that day. In addition, you record separately what your most important chargers and consumers per battery are. This will take you about five minutes a day.

Keeping daily notes at the end of each day is worth its weight in gold. The success of Mindboxing® depends on daily moments of reflection or your “pause. This is because you are forced to take a moment each day to listen to your body, your feelings and your thoughts. The note you make in the app in the process is a written explanation of those signals. What have you learned? What are you grateful for? How much energy do you have? You consciously and visibly record recovery and personal growth over a 100-day period. Also useful for the trainer, coach or supervisor to discuss. With his or her feedback you then apply the recharging tips in practice.