Connecting Mind, Heart & Body: Mindboxing

Get the best out of yourself with the Three Batteries® method.

Look in the mirror. How are you doing? Do you see a happy and healthy person who gets everything out of life? Or a busy person with stress, who is often tired, possibly has all kinds of chronic complaints and lives largely on autopilot? There is little point in complaining; confrontation is. In the ´ring´ you learn to beat your biggest opponent: yourself! A mindboxer deals with limiting thoughts and takes responsibility for his or her own freedom and happiness.

Mindboxing® is Connecting Mind, Heart & Body. No symptom relief, but 100 days of working with the proven Three Batteries® method: Power of Body, Power of Heart and Power of Mind. These batteries symbolize physical, social- emotional and mental resources to keep you in balance. With countless real-life examples, tests, practical exercises, 1+75 comprehensive recharging tips and exclusive instructional videos on the website, you’ll have the right language and tools to become the best version of yourself.

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About Jan Sleijfer

With this personal book, JAN SLEIJFER bridges the Western and Eastern perspectives on health care, lifestyle, leadership and sustainable performance. His critical perspective stems from over 25 years of providing physical and mental training to elite athletes, prison officials, teachers, managers and many others. After the Academy of Physical Education, he graduated cum laude as a social psychologist and specialized in sports psychology, martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an expert, Jan is regularly approached by companies, top clubs and national media with questions about performing under pressure.

Jan Sleijfer